Coders Without Clothes

A calendar for 2016

A while ago our co-worker at Reaktor found out that his little daughter had leukemia. To show our support we created a calendar to raise funds for children with cancer.

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12 nude coders.

12 stories about life.

Last spring our work community received sad news. Our co-worker Mikko had just found out that his little daughter had leukemia, a type of cancer that is diagnosed in approximately 50 children in Finland each year.

We wanted to help.

A little earlier we had been playing around with an idea to make a nude calendar featuring our coders. The concept was immediately elevated to new heights: We wanted to use it to raise money for children struggling with cancer.

They say courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to act in spite of fear. We see great courage in being yourself even when everything else is stripped away.

All profits from the calendar sales will be donated to Kympin Lapset ry, a charity that supports children with cancer and their families.

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What percentage of the cost actually goes to charity?

100% of the profits (post-shipping, post-tax) goes to Kympin Lapset, a charity supporting children with cancer and their families. The profit is about 10,70€ when shipping to Finland, 9,50€ when shipping to other EU countries, and 7,70€ when shipping to other countries.

When will I get the calendar?

We received the calendars hot off the press today (Jan 13) and will start shipping them immediately.

What does the calendar look like?

Have a look at this sample page of Coders Without Clothes. Sample in Finnish, actual calendar will be in English or Finnish, depending on what you choose.

Can I send it as a gift?

Yes, you can. Just fill in the address of the person or company you want to give it to. We will deliver it to them. You can print a message to give them in advance.

I didn't find the answer to my question. Who to contact?

Email us at We will do our best to help.

What if I want to order a large amount of calendars to one address?

Email us at We can process them as a batch.